I’ve noticed this car outside of my warehouse here in Southern California a few times, but never managed to sneak a picture of it, until now. Well, sort of... I got caught by the angry German mechanic whom I share this lot with, as you’ll see in the last picture I snapped. There’s typically a myriad of air-cooled beetle’s, VW buses, and Karmann Ghia’s parked in and around the building, with the occasional MG and (very) rarely a sweet Lotus Seven, all of which I could easily identify. However, something I’ve seen here has me stumped.

What is this thing?

It looks somewhat like a Beetle, but it’s relatively smaller. Inside, there’s a red leather interior with a white dashboard, and a huge thin steering wheel straight out of the 1950’s. The thing that struck me most about it though, was the doors. I’ve never seen doors like this on a car before. The driver and front passenger doors are suicide, while the rear passenger’s are normal. How does this even work?


The size of the car is also worth mentioning. Here it is, parked in front of a lovely MGB GT, and it’s hardly any taller, and definitely shorter in length. It’s also clearly rear-engined. Could this thing be Beetle based, or related?


Help me out here Jalopnik.